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Queensland Health (Bundaberg, Hervey Bay & Maryborough)

Queensland Health are looking for a Senior Employment Relations advisor.

Further details and how to apply can be found HERE

Closing date for applications is 11 June 2024

Queensland Police Service

Principal Employee Relations Officer (A07)

Further details and how to apply can be found HERE

Position Description available HERE

For all enquiries, please contact Kate Matley: (Email:, Phone: 0429 513 804)

LGAQ (Local Government Association of Queensland)

Are looking for a Senior Associate / Workforce Advisory Lead.

Further details and how to apply can be found HERE


GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY Paid Part-Time Work and Work Experience

Griffith University’s Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources is regularly seeking part-time work (such as call centre work) and work experience for its students (either for-credit internships, or informal opportunities). The Department advertises these opportunities available to its students via lectures, online course announcements and email. The Department is also happy to advertise full-time jobs in this area. Opportunities in Brisbane and at the Gold Coast are sought. If you have any opportunities available, please contact Dr. Ben French via email

Want to advertise with us?

Employers can advertise vacancies to our members in a number of ways.

OPTION 1 – $75.00 FEE

Advertise using ONE of the following:

  • Website
  • Email to members
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook

OPTION 2 – $130.00 FEE

Any TWO combinations from the above list of options

OPTION 3 – $165.00 FEE

Any THREE combinations from the above list of options

OPTION 4 – $200.00 FEE

All FOUR of the above options

*All fees are inclusive of GST

To advertise a suitable vacancy, please contact the Secretariat via email and confirm which of the above options best suit. A PDF or Word Document providing a brief Position Description, means of contact and submission due date will be required. Advertisements will be retained until the submission date or for a maximum period of 6 weeks unless a longer period is requested by the advertiser.

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